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We bring strategy, structure, clarity and compliance to our clients’ global lives and keep it that way.

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We want to help free you from limitations so that you can thrive.

How do you thrive? What does freedom look like?

At Green Ocean, we're optimists, and we fully believe that where there is a will, there is a way. We also believe that whatever your version of freedom, it IS attainable, and that every one of us has the ability to thrive.

Determination, discipline and a comprehensive plan are essential qualities that any of us can develop. Beyond that, It also takes technical skills: the right information, at the right time to make the most informed financial decisions possible.

We continually scan the horizon for opportunities and threats so that we can evaluate, and where necessary respond to the wide range of challenges we continuously face.

To thrive, adapt.

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An individualized approach to financial planning

No two retirements, portfolios, or investment strategies are the same. Before we make any recommendations, we take the time to learn who you are and help you to define your specific goals. From there, we develop a plan that addresses what’s most important to you, while considering your entire financial picture.

And as your needs and goals change, we’ll work with you to adapt your plan so it seamlessly transitions along with you.

Our Process

Our Team’s Difference

Integrity: Being your trusted financial professional is a privilege, and we acknowledge this by aiming to be transparent, informative, and solution-focused in our advice.

Support: We aren't here to judge, but we will equip you to better judge for yourself. As an essential financial ally, we are here to provide insight and education to help you in reaching your financial goals.

Experience: We are very proud to say that we have helped thousands of individuals over the years, and weathered the ups and downs of a few very interesting decades of investment markets. And it looks to us like the future promises to be just as interesting as the past.

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Our Services


Financial Planning

Whether it’s owning your own home, funding your children’s education, or creating a stress-free retirement, a financial plan is considered vital in working towards your goals. We use a consultative approach to create a financial plan that aims to meet your objectives.

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Investment Planning

Through developing a personalized investment strategy, diversification, and avoiding short-term distractions, we aim to help create and preserve your wealth so you reach your financial goals.

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Financial Planning for Business Owners

When you are full of ideas for starting a new business, all you can see is what’s going to happen tomorrow. During those exhilarating moments of building a business, new...

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Cross Border Financial Planning

Maybe you have created tremendous personal momentum. Can you do this somewhere else on the planet? What’s stopping you? We love to dream big, but many foreign situations lack subtitles.

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We manage assets for individuals and families, providing investment management, and financial planning services.



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