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Originally, the idea behind Green Ocean was inspired as a metaphor for surfing. Whether you are trying to time a wave or making decisions in life and money, you need to make calm assessments and act decisively when the moment is just right. Time it too late, and you might be in for some mild disappointment and a bit more work as you struggle back into position. Try to make your move too early, and you might end up getting plowed under a 20 foot wave. (true story!)

With some experience and technique, however, an inherently chaotic landscape can present you the opportunity to catch an unbroken wave and have the time of your life doing it.

We provide full financial planning in the modern sense. This analysis will include:

  • Detailed cash flow planning, both for personal as well as business
  • Personal Estate, insurance, and end of life planning
  • Retirement planning, with an eye to both domestic and international situations. The depth of this subject cannot be overstated, and can often take place while you are living through the experience itself
  • Business benefits planning. For the self employed, this can include assessing and deploying a tax advantaged plan that optimizes your tax situation. For employees with benefits packages, this will likely mean managing the risk and tax liabilities associated with concentrated positions in company stock
  • Investment management, incorporating direct indexing, ETFs as well as direct stock ownership, depending on your needs and time horizon. We often design an investment approach which is tailored to both your current tax circumstance, as well as a legacy portfolio of assets

We use a dynamic approach to measure risk, identify strengths and weaknesses, and leverage appropriate investment resources to provide you with a clear financial strategy that’s customized for you. We understand that not every client that walks through our door is the same, which is why we hold detailed and rigorous discussions with the guidance of a seasoned CFP professional.

Regardless of the unique flow of your personal life and money habits, the idea is to help free you from technical limitations so that you can thrive.

So, if you’re not working with us already, send us an e-mail or give us a call.

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