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Financial Planning For
Business Owners

During those exhilarating moments of building a business, new entrepreneurs can often forget to ask themselves: Does it all makes sense financially?

Passion is key to turning vision into a functional business, and prudent financial planning is critical to ensure that reality comes to fruition, and continues to survive and thrive.

Effectively Build the ultimate Financial plan for your business

Identify goals and challenges, assess the tools and strategies available, plan the work, and ultimately work the plan.

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A team of business owners strategizing a financial plan.

Effective financial planning is critical for business owners. No trained professional, whether he or she is an architect or a soldier, goes to work without good, objectively true information, and a developed plan of action.

When compared to personal financial planning, the number of choices faced by the business owner are orders of magnitude greater. But the goals are the same; effectively identify the goals and challenges, assess the tools and strategies available, plan the work, and ultimately work the plan.

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Start-up financial planning

As you start up your new venture, you’ll need to finance its ongoing operations. Our experts can help uncover creative capital financing opportunities for you.

Business plans

To ensure the ongoing viability of your business, you’ll need help putting together a sound business plan – for the short, intermediate and long-term. We can help create that plan for you.

Contingency planning

Emergencies and unforeseen situations can arise anytime during the life of the business. It takes careful planning to ensure you have the right sized financial safety net in place.


Most jurisdictions offer a number of tax incentives to business owners, so that they might create, expand and continue operating in those jurisdictions. Unfortunately, many business owners are either unfamiliar of the tax-friendly nature of such incentives; or they underutilize them. Let's find ways to leverage the rules to our benefit, and not miss out on potential opportunities.

Asset acquisition

How you choose to buy the right equipment and real estate for your business will depend on the financing options available to you. We can help you make buy versus rent, versus lease decisions that are right for you.

Debt management

Is it best to borrow against business assets? Or should consider refinancing?

Business expansion and diversification

Business expansion and diversification takes prudent management of your assets and liabilities. We will help you evaluate financial proposals and financing options to fund those initiatives.

Employee retention

It's hard to be successful without a happy team. We’ll work with you to help offer attractive remuneration, compensation and benefits packages to your employees, that will motivate them to consider making a long-term career with you and your company.

Succession planning

What happens if something untoward happens to you? What if you wanted to step down, or take a less active role in the business? Is there someone groomed and primed to assume the mantle of leadership and succession?

Retirement, Estate and Legacy planning

And when it’s time for you to pass the baton, we’ll help ensure you are able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Through careful planning, we’ll not only make sure you enjoy a comfortable retirement, but that your legacy passes safely to the next generation.