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Unleash Your Financial Potential

Empower yourself with innovative financial planning solutions.

Scalable Wealth

Creating wealth by maximizing compensation and benefits packages.

Equity Compensation

Retirement Plan Optimization

Tax cost analysis and reduction

Value-based Approach

Protect what’s important through a values-based planning and investment approach.

Align your money with what matters most to you

Fully customized investment solutions supporting your world view

Dynamic, nimble investment choices for DIY or managed accounts

Custom Plans

Our approach to planning for equity compensation.


Assessment and analysis

Strategy design


Review and ongoing support

Our Approach

Driving Success Together

Tech-forward Solutions

We believe in seamless remote collaboration, making sure decisions are made together.

Nimble, Accessible Portfolios

Sliding scale investment solutions based on your wealth building journey stage.

Ongoing Review and Support

As your needs evolve and change, so does the advice and planning support we provide.

Client Experiences

Real Results

"Our business has thrived with their exceptional financial solutions and dedicated support."

Jane Smith

CEO, TechCorp

"Their innovative approach to problem-solving helped us overcome our biggest challenges."

John Doe

CTO, InnoWave

"Their commitment to excellence and deep industry knowledge truly set them apart from the competition."

Laura Brown

COO, NextGen

"Their responsive team and cutting-edge solutions have driven significant improvements in our workflow."

Mike Anderson

CIO, ProDev

"The custom software they developed for us exceeded expectations and has become integral to our operations."

Olivia Wilson

CMO, DigitalHub

"Their expertise in data security and privacy has given us the confidence to expand our online presence."

Jacob Martinez

CFO, SafeNet

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Partner with Ryan and the Green Ocean Global Advisor team on your finances.

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What industries do you serve?

We work with employees from a wide range of industries. Due to our presence in the San Francisco bay area and Seattle, most of our experience lies with employees of tech companies in the Software, Telecommunications, Hardware, Communications, and Automotive Technology sectors.

How do you work with clients?

At Green Ocean we consult with clients either through detailed flat-fee financial planning to help get you on the right track, as well as via ongoing wealth management and planning relationships where we can make the biggest impact to their financial lives.

How long does a financial plan typically take?

We are proactive and tech-forward in our approach to creating financial plans and our ongoing work with clients. Depending on complexity and responsiveness, the financial planning process can be completed in a matter of 1-2 weeks. That said, we work with busy professionals and plans can take as long as 3-6 weeks to complete according to our discovery, analysis, recommendation, and implementation process.

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Ryan Ahrens


Ryan's guiding principle is Clients First: He is passionate about serving as financial advocate for his clients in both in the creation and protection of wealth. He prides himself on the ability to help identify and prioritize personal values in order to better connect them with what matters most. He does this by balancing the real emotional impact of financial decisions with a strong, rational plan rooted in an understanding of investment strategy, retirement planning concepts, and macroeconomics.

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