February 27, 2024

Annual Portuguese Financial Deadlines and Responsibilities

In this webinar, Green Ocean Global CEO/Founder John McNertney CFP® GFP (USA) reviewed the calendar for newly arrived Portuguese residents and highlighted important dates.

Some of the relevant issues that were addressed include:

  • Financial Deadlines: Taxes are one thing, but do you know the rest of the deadlines?
  • What about everything else? Did you remember to smog the car? Renew your Visa?
  • A client I worked with last year missed his NHR subscription period; this begs the question: OK, beyond NHR, what else should be on our personal calendar or spreadsheet?
  • Who can help me sort through these things? The answers depend on how you operate. From tech tools to personal service providers and more, there is a ‘BEST’ way, and it usually is a function of YOUR personal style
  • I will review some examples of methods for managing your annual to-do list.

We hope you enjoy!