October 24, 2023

NHR Cancelled? What Now!

In this webinar, Green Ocean Global CEO/Founder John McNertney CFP® GFP (USA) uncovered NHR and the necessary steps to address it.

Some of the relevant issues that were addressed include:​

  • Financial Planning IS contingency planning
  • “Objects may be closer than they appear”. How planning for the long term can help with the short term.
  • It’s just math… Why you should “objectify” your challenges to atomize and make them more doable.
  • A client recently arrived and with no clear indication of ‘when’ this may all happen. We scheduled a new call to review his checklist, has he fully explored the Tax Residency Process? Is his budget realistic? How much tax premium will this add to the situation? Fine tuning had never been done… With some added detail, the situation was dire than it appeared. We learned more about the true tax circumstance.
  • So how much is this going to cost me, REALLY?
  • Why me, why now? What is the over/under on this decision?

We hope you enjoy!